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From the Lake Mead National Park Service

BOULDER CITY, Nevada – Goldstrike Canyon and Arizona Hot Spring trails, which were temporarily closed Aug. 1, will reopen Sept. 12.

The trails were closed because public safety incidents in these canyons have doubled from 2013 to 2014. In 2013, there were 17 incidents, which resulted in one fatality, 31 patients and five medical transports. In the first seven months of 2014, there were 37 incidents, resulting in three fatalities, 35 patients and 13 medical transports. Since the closure, there have been zero search and rescues from these locations.

The initial National Park Service closure, scheduled to end Aug. 31, was extended through Sept. 11 because of a variety of factors, including weather and employee and visitor safety. The Bureau of Reclamation closure was scheduled to end Sept. 14. It will end early. The trails will reopen in their entirety Sept. 12 in time for the popular fall hiking season.

The area known as White Rock Canyon has multiple trails leading to the Arizona Hot Spring, Liberty Bell Arch and the Colorado River. Goldstrike Canyon leads to Goldstrike and Nevada hot springs and the Colorado River.

The trails at both of these locations are strenuous and technical. There is no shade or water and there is limited cellphone service. Hiking Goldstrike involves scrambling and climbing slippery boulders. On the Arizona Hot Spring trails, most of the hike is in a wash. Walking through the soft gravel is similar to the challenge of walking along a beach. On both hikes, the return to the trailhead is uphill, which can be challenging to new hikers after a long day and a soak in the springs.

No matter the time of year, hikers should follow these safety tips:

  • Bring a gallon of water per person.
  • Bring salty foods.
  • Wear boots or hiking shoes.
  • Wear a hat and sunscreen.
  • Hike with a buddy.
  • Tell people where you are going and when you expect to be back.
  • It’s easier to be rescued near the water than in the middle of the canyon.
  • Don’t forget to bring water for your pets.
  • During the closure, the hot springs remain open and accessible from the Colorado River. The River Mountains Loop Trail and
  • Historic Railroad Trail are also open.

New Recruits Pass SAR 101

Yesterday was hell day for a new batch of volunteers with RRSAR as they attended their first day of training called "SAR 101". There was lots of running, push ups, and stokes litter packaging and carrying as they got the basics of what it takes to be in Red Rock Search and Rescue. As they learned how to report and handle incidents, they learned what to expect from Red Rock SAR and what Red Rock SAR expects from them. The day ended with everyone dirty and beat up, but high fiving one another and proud to be a new probationary member of of the team.

New members have one year to accomplish a lot more training and to certify up to RRSAR and NASAR standards. Judging by the group we saw yesterday, they have the right stuff and more high five days will be coming!

Subaru's Share The Love Event

Subaru of Las Vegas continues to be a very generous sponsor of Red Rock Search and Rescue!

They're currently preparing for their next Share the Love event, and during the interview process they asked us what our FB fan base was like. Of course we assured them we have a great following of Friends of Red Rock SAR!

Please help us show the nice folks at Subaru that we all appreciate their donations by 'liking and sharing' this video of our team members at their Subaru dealership yesterday, participating in a SAR demonstration and a family-friendly meet and greet event. Thank you!

While you're at it, Like us on Facebook also!

Terry Lynn Segrist Located

As reported on KY3.com

ROCKAWAY BEACH, Mo. - Police say a Rockaway Beach city alderman, reported missing by family, has been found alive in Las Vegas.

The non-profit organization Red Rock Search and Rescue/Recovery confirmed Terry Segrist had been located and is safe Wednesday evening. Officials there say a church organization discovered Terry, took him to the hospital, and are helping him find a job in Las Vegas. Red Rock Search and Rescue officials say Terry does not want any contact with family at this time.

Segrist had been missing since August 7 when his wife, Cherrie dropped him off at a Casey's Store in Ozark.

Original Story on www.KY3.com

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