About Red Rock SAR

Red Rock Search and Rescue was formed when 46 year old Ron Kirk went missing in Red Rock National Conservation Area. Las Vegas Metro PD and their SAR Team did all they could with the very limited budget they had.

The Las Vegas Hash House Harriers, a group Ron was involved with reached out to the good people of Clark County to help find their friend.  The community responded by the hundreds to search for Ron. Most of these people had zero SAR experience nor had they ever met Ron, but all had one thing in common…. they had heart… and they knew a family was hurting and wanted to help in any way they could.

It was then the founding members of RRSAR came together to organize and train a full time on call SAR Team to be available to serve all of Clark County and any other agency or private party at anytime.

Training is a must and all members must stay current in their training. All new members enter a vigorous training program that certifies them as Search and Rescue Technicians. When certified all RRSAR members are versed in survival, map and compass, man tracking, technical rescue and wilderness first aid. Some members enter into specialty teams that takes them beyond normal team standards.

Red Rock SAR is not a club, its a professional team of highly trained citizens that are available 365 days a year to respond anywhere in Southern Nevada and Arizona Colorado River communities.