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Geo Cache’ Selfie

Coming Soon!


11074837_836871456348673_6318366194067509331_oRed Rock Search and Rescue encourages people to go out and explore new areas safely.  Geo Caching is an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver and other navigational techniques to hide or find hidden locations or objects called “geocaches” or “caches”.  In keeping with our LNT (Leave No Trace) training, we have chosen to bring in a new trend.  When you have found a location that we post, take a picture of yourself, a “selfie”, and email it to us.  We will post your pictures on our wall and send prizes to the top ranked pictures.  Locations will have a point system usually depending on difficulty or complexity, and you will acquire a growing score! Details will be coming you way shortly so pack your gear, lace up your boots and hydrate!  These adventures will be guaranteed to show you some of the beautiful sights lying just outside your backyard and across the country!