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Before you fill out the Application

Are you ready for a challenging but rewarding volunteer experience?

Red Rock Search and Rescue offers a unique opportunity to volunteer your time to help find missing loved ones, solve cold cases, rescue injured hikers, and do forensic searching. You can also serve as a resource member, helping your community without having to go into the field.

Below, you will find descriptions and requirements for all the opportunities we offer. Pick the path that works best for you.  You may also cross train if you desire.

Field Searcher: The Field Team goes into the field to search for our subjects.  You must be in good condition, able to withstand the rigors of searching many terrains (mountain, desert, urban).  Over your first year, you will participate in our training program, take many online classes, attend exercises, and go out on searches.  You will be heavily mentored so don’t worry if you don’t have much experience.  We will train you.  Make sure you have the time and commitment to go through our training program which will be between 10-20 hours per month.

Command Post: Command post personnel work at the command center of our operation.  They handle team communications, mapping, accountability, safety, scribing, and information processing.

Administration/Finance: We also have a large administration and finance department.  If you’d like to help out in the office, you can.  This includes data entry, member management, filing, assisting our treasurer, and/or manning the phones.  Great position for someone with an administrative or financial background, or someone who wants to help out without going on missions.

Transportation: We have need of people who can drive our trailer, help out with maintenance on our fleet of vehicles, and move groups of people to various locations.  We also have need of those who can drive 4X4s and help insert and extract team members in rough terrain.

People Support Team: Our People Support Team provides mental health and support to the families of missing loved ones, to team members, and handles emergency communication.

Technical Department:  We also have need of people who can help us with our computers, website, graphic design, information technology, and marketing.  If you have skills in this area, we can use you!

RRSAR has multiple divisions: Las Vegas, NV; St. George, UT; and Yuma, AZ.  You will be assigned to the one nearest your zip code.


Application information and instructions

There are six types of positions available at RRSAR:

1. Searcher.  Searchers deploy into the field to look for our subject.

2. Command Post.  Command post personnel are stationed inside the command post and man the radio, mapping, provide accountability, and run the mission.

3. Transportation.  A big part of our organization is getting the equipment on scene and being able to transport searchers into the field.  So we need drivers for our trucks and trailers, and to provide vehicle maintenance.

4. People Support Team. These are members that offer emotional support for the families as we search, and who provide team member support when dealing with a major event.

5. Resource Member.  This position is ideal for those that do not want to deploy but who can help us behind the scenes.  We need fundraisers, grant writers, artists, administrative support and more.

6. Tech Specialists.  We need web designers, programmers, and information technology specialists.

You can serve multiple roles in RRSAR if you desire.

Next you will be taken to our application to begin your journey in becoming a member of Red Rock Search and Rescue.

If you would like to learn more about what we do or about becoming a part of the team, visit our Red Rock Standards page. You can also contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please read instructions thoroughly before proceeding. Choose the position you desire the most but you can always serve in more than one area once you’re on the team.

PLEASE NOTE: Every applicant will be required to take and pass an FBI background check. These will be approved independently by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department.

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