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Rescue Our Kids

The Rescue Our Kids (ROK) Program is a division of Red Rock Search and Rescue and is dedicated to helping parents develop a Social Fingerprint of their children and to assist with locating missing at risk children.

Many organizations recommend having your child’s fingerprints and a hair sample. This is a good idea, but only useful in the worst circumstances. Our goal is for parents to have a social fingerprint of their child and to prevent needing the DNA sample!

Today’s connected world is quite different than what many of today’s parents experienced during their adolescence. The Internet gives everyone access to fast information, communications and entertainment, but also connects children to people and things that can be a serious danger. Knowing what you should know about your kid’s online and social media activity is critical for prevention of potential problems and for finding your child in the case of a runaway situation.

We have found Social Media to be a significant factor in the ability to quickly locate a missing child. Knowing their screen names, accounts and friends can save time in locating the child thus reducing the length of time that the child is vulnerable to the dangers of the street including Child Sex Trafficing.

Please take the time to review our resources for parents and create your child’s social fingerprint. If your child is missing and you believe they may be in danger, call your local police and then submit the missing child form fingerprintVisit the ROK NOW website to learn more.