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SAR mantrackingMan tracking is teaching your eyes to see what has been disturbed from it’s natural form. From a scuff mark, a toe dig, or a snapped branch, you will learn to open your awareness the environment.  Passive observers enjoy the day and do not focus in on their surroundings, but to be a good tracker requires the ability to see what is hidden in plain sight.  Tracking can even tell you the condition of your victim.  Shortening of their stride will tell you they are tired or hurt. Dragging a foot may mean injury.  As a Tracker you will become a detective and information gathering will introduce you to your subject. You will know when they stopped and rested, fell or relieved themselves.  In an extended search, you will see your subject is tired because of the change in their stride.  Every search is considered an emergency, someone is missing and speed of success is most important.  Having said that, tracking is not a race, it’s a science and it often takes time.  An inaccurate observation such as Direction of Travel can put lives at risk.


Are you prepared to  effectively deploy an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in an emergency?  Could you perform CPR or First Aid if needed?  These skills and knowledge are needed before a situation arises so we have implemented a standard of having all members get certified and confident in their abilities to act when the time arrives.

Besides offering these classes to our team members, we also hold regular CPR, AED,  First Aid classes to the general public.  Other professions that have taken advantage of our courses are:

  • School TeacherAHA_CPRFA.H.cmyk
  • Security Guards
  • Office Staff
  • Drivers
  • Waiters
  • Baby sitters
  • Expecting parents

Our Wilderness First Aid certification is another opportunity we offer to both members and the community.  We highly recommend this course for:

  • Campers66-2360
  • Hikers
  • Survivalists
  • Bicyclists
  • Vacationers