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Meet Our Horses

Meet Our Equestrian Team

RRSAR has created a new resource for our SAR team; Mounted search and rescue (MSAR). We have many volunteers who are experienced riders and experienced horses that will be deployed when needed. The Equestrian team will be 11873473_1034099796632663_3742849572500338698_ndeployed when large areas of ground coverage are needed. The horses will be able to easily and quickly cover the areas. By working with our other teams, a search area could get cleared very quickly. Thus our specialty teams could be used elsewhere to cover the more difficult areas.
Horses are also very alert and steady animals. By watching a horse’s body language, they could alert us to a missing person or a dangerous situation. We can also use them as a mode of transportation for our ground pounders to carry medical supplies or to carry equipment where needed.