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Special Teams

Wilderness and Urban SAR Bike Teams


Rick Smith started the RRSAR Mountain Bike Team Jan 2013.

To say that Rick Smith is an “experienced” cyclist is a gross understatement. Having personally ridden multiple long distance endurance events over 30 years, through extreme weather that’s ranged from the heat of Texas and Nevada summers, the forested single tracks in the Montana Rockies, throughout Alberta, BC, and the Yukon into the Alaskan Wilderness (6,656 mile round trip by bike in 2012),  he still rides farther and more often than most people half his age. An inspiration to the entire team, Smith created the SAR Mountain Bike team and its team jersey for RRSAR in 2013.

photo 1The team’s two-wheeled skills are applied whenever speed is a critical factor for search area containment or hasty search duties in varied terrain or urban environments. The RRSAR Mountain Bike Team is a common SAR tool of choice by Incident Command in a variety of settings.

RRSAR bike 2

Members of the Bike Team with Las Vegas Mayor, Carolyn Goodman, for Nevada Day 2015.



Ideally suited for urban environments, but equally at home in deserts or mountains, the Mountain Bike Team gives Red Rock SAR an edge in time-critical situations. Capable of covering ground far faster than those on foot, the Bike Team excels at sweeping urban neighborhoods, gathering information from bystanders, transferring supplies and evidence to and from the field, and acting as reconnaissance experts who quickly evaluate terrain, situations, structures, and obstacles.

Along with advanced land navigation training, man tracking training, amateur radio certification, Wilderness First Aid Training, NASAR SARTECH II certification, the Bike Team members go the extra mile and qualify in physical endurance, cross country riding skill, SAR equipment knowledge, and bicycle maintenance requirements.


Las Vegas Cyclery is the RRSAR Mountain Bike Team sponsor.

Visit their website at


DSCN5542Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 8.09.28 PMDSCN4391_2

SAR Mountain Bike Operations Team Leader : Captain Bryan Zink

 4X4 Teams

The Red Rock Search and Rescue 4×4 Team had a very humble beginning prior to the team being formed.  Sgt. Robert Borchardt was the Safety Officer, Public Relations, and Tail Gunner for a local Toyota Off Road club.  On a search for a missing hiker in Red Rock Canyon, searchers realized the need to get into a canyon that was only acessable by 4×4 vehicles.  Five Toyota FJ Cruisers pulled up to a motorhome and answered the call.  An alliance, family and great team formed over the next 36 months which we are now all proud to call Red Rock Search and Rescue.  Robert has since developed an SOP for the Red Rock Search and Rescue 4×4 Team including requirements, standards, and guidelines.

4×4 Vision Statement

The Red Rock Search and Rescue 4×4 Team vision is to provide transportation to all of the Red Rock Search and Rescue personnel with their equipment under normal, and abnormal road conditions in any weather conditions.

4×4 Mission Statement

It is the Red Rock Search and Rescue 4×4 Team that will safely deploy and extract members of the Red Rock Search and Rescue Team along with equipment into area’s that a regular (non 4×4 ) vehicle cannot provide.


                                       ATV Teams

Our ATV teams can perform hasty maneuvers in the field resulting in fast information gathering.  ATVs can be applied in several ways including delivering medical and other supplies to teams in the field, investigating possible leads sent in from arial support and covering long distance trails in a short amount of time.

K9 Teams

RRSAR has well trained and experienced K9/ Handler teams.  Click here to Meet our K9 Teams.

Equestrian Teams

Our Equestrian Teams or “Mounted” Teams are capable of covering a large area and have access to locations where motorized vehicles do not.  This proved extremely helpful in searching multiple square miles in Overton, NV and St. George UT.  Click here to Meet Our Horses