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Family Support Services

People Support Teams

The People Support Team’s role is twofold:

To alleviate traumatic stress for RRSAR members and the families of the lost or missing.

To enhance the well-being and self-care of RRSAR members. Support of Families of the Lost or Missing

Families of the lost or missing are assigned a Family Liaison who provides emotional care and comfort to family members. The FL also attends to the practical needs of the family, assisting with on-scene shelter, meals and supplies; and serves as the conduit for information between the family and the Incident Commander, keeping both apprised of information related to the search. The PST partners with The Trauma Intervention Program when a family needs additional support.

Support of RRSAR Members
The PST provides support to enhance the well-being of RRSAR members who experience stressful life events or are exposed to critical incidents during deployments, partnering with licensed mental health professionals as needed. A secure repository of member emergency information is also maintained.


Almost every search and rescue operation inherently comes with an emotional element, even training exercises. As families wait anxiously for the status of loved ones, and as team members push themselves to the breaking point, stress, fatigue, and fear can (and often do) become too RRSAR meetingmuch to bear. To help address this, Red Rock Search and Rescue has assembled a team of ordained chaplains who are on scene during operations to comfort and assist families of missing loved ones, and to also council team members if the need arises.

The Mission of Messages of Faith Ministry is to provide comfort, guidance and spiritual support to all team members and families of Red Rock Search and Rescue as well as to the families and friends of the victim, whether our operation is in a rescue or recovery mode.

Confidentiality is assured as we are Ordained Clergy. If you need to talk to one of us, please e-mail our Chaplain Section Leader, Sr. Chaplain Katherine Kintner, at or though D4H. In case of an emergency, call the RRSAR Emergency Hot Line (702) 758-4727 and ask for a Chaplain

Hug a Tree

Inspired by the search for nine year old Jimmy Beveridge in 1981 in southern California, and initiated by the caring heart of Ab Taylor, the Hug-a-Tree and Survive program teaches children how to survive in the woods should they become lost.HugATreeLogo_C

The program was developed to educate children in a select few of the most basic and vital survival principles. It was specifically designed for children between the ages of 7 and 11 but can be effective with slightly younger and older children.

The program consists of a trained presenter—usually a search and rescue volunteer, police officer, park ranger, or similar uniformed individual—following a tightly scripted presentation that has three primary parts:

An introduction (of the presenter and program),
An entertaining video presentation for children, and
A few practical suggestions and demonstrations.
Many children are alive today because of their experience with the Hug-a-Tree and Survive program.