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Our Story

The mission of Red Rock search and Rescue is to utilize our trained volunteers to provide search, rescue, training and recovery services to our community.

Red Rock Search & Rescue is a team of 200+ nationally trained and certified volunteers helping families search for their missing loved ones.

Our team averages approximately 26,000 hours a year assisting local agencies by serving as a force multiplier in locating lost and missing hikers, dementia/autistic wanderers, and conducting evidence searches in active police investigations while utilizing the FEMA standards of Incident Command Management.

In addition to active and cold case searches, we support our community with many educational services to raise awareness of safety in the outdoors.

The History of Red Rock Search & Rescue

In January 2012, local avid and experienced hiker, Ron Kirk, went climbing in Calico Basin. No one heard from him for a week and his friends called 911 to report him missing. A search began, and his hiker friends gathered en masse to help find him.

Metro Search and Rescue launched multiple operations into the canyon and searched for him day and night, but to no avail. Eventually they had to call off the search, but Ron’s friends and members of local hiking and running clubs kept the search going, gathering more than 200 volunteers to comb the area searching for Ron.

Searches continued for weeks and finally, on March 10, 2012, Ron’s body was found in one of the most treacherous areas of Calico Basin.

While the community mourned Ron’s loss, several experienced search and rescue people met to discuss the idea of forming a volunteer SAR team. Supported by a generous donation from Ron Kirk’s family, Red Rock Search and Rescue was founded with the goal of building a team who could continue searching for lost and missing loved ones when Metro’s resources had run out.

Shortly after Ron’s funeral, a call came in to the team from Jodi Goldberg, sister of a man reported missing and presumed murdered. Newly formed, Red Rock Search and Rescue personnel were immediately deployed to search for Keith Goldberg. When everyone else had given up on ever finding Keith, Red Rock SAR doggedly searched more than a hundred square miles of desert. On April 14, 2013, exactly one year to the day the search began, Red Rock SAR found Keith’s remains.

Red Rock Search and Rescue was formally honored by, Carolyn Goodman, the Mayor of Las Vegas on April 17, 2013 for their efforts, just after finding Keith in the Lake Mead Recreational Area a few days prior.


Mission Statement

“The mission of Red Rock Search and Rescue is to utilize our trained volunteers to provide search, rescue, training and recovery services to our community”

In fulfilling our goal of service to our community, Red Rock Search and Rescue seeks to recognize the dignity and diversity of each individual that crosses our path:

  • In our Community:  Our team assists our partner agencies and the families of the lost or missing without regard to race, sex, religious beliefs, cultural background, sexual preference, economic or social condition, or age. Our Community Outreach team provides services throughout the community and across Clark County with the sole intent of educating the public on preventative search and rescue techniques to all.
  • Our Team:  We have an ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion through recruitment, promotion, and educational and leadership opportunities for all team members. While our Policies and Procedures address the expectations for respectful communications and behavior toward all, it doesn’t end there. Our Code of Ethics establishes the expectation that each team member will engage with partner agencies, the public, and other team members with honesty, fairness, respect, and without bias. These values are present at each level of our institutional culture, and we frequently use formal and informal feedback mechanisms to ensure adherence to the team’s values.

Command Staff

Zane Gray


Erin Pavlina

Vice Commander of Adminstration

Steve Smith

Vice Commander of Medical

James Wisniewski

Vice Commander of Training

Ken Malin

Vice Commander of Logistics/Operations ken.malin@redrocksar.org

Bonnie Bannigan

Vice Commander of Membership and Public Relations

Board of Directors

John Peterson


John Meyer


Steve Broka

Executive Director

Cody Lewis


Donna Miller

Board Member

Craig Nakamura

Board Member