Emergency Hotline:

To report a lost or missing loved one

Community Outreach



This program was inspired by the search for nine-year-old Jimmy Beveridge in 1981 in Southern California and developed to educate children in a select few of the most basic and vital survival principles. It was specifically designed for children between the ages of 7 and 11 but can be effective with slightly younger and older children.

Career Days

Customizable to the needs of your school. We can present in the classroom or bring our mobile unit with table top talks about a career in Search and Rescue and the required education/training.

Skills Training

We occasionally offer our training to the public in the form of classroom training. Some skills may include Wilderness First Aid, NASAR Funsar classes, sidewalk CPR, and group-specific tailored courses.

Preventative Search and Rescue

You will find us at the beginning of a few hiking trails helping to prepare hikers for the trail they are about to embark upon. Our intention is to ensure everyone is ready to enjoy their hike safely!

Red Rock SAR in the community

Keep an eye out on our social media accounts for some of our upcoming public events.  Come see us in our booth and ask any questions you’d like!