Emergency Hotline:

To report a lost or missing loved one

Speciality Teams

Deployable volunteer trained specialty teams may be available to assist in certain circumstances with local agency approval. Members of our Field Team volunteer to provide trained resources to lend additional support as a part of one of our many specialty teams.

4×4 Team

The 4×4 Team safely deploys, extracts and supports volunteers of the Red Rock Search and Rescue Team along with equipment into areas that a regular (Non- 4 x 4) vehicle cannot access.

Drone Team

Trained and licensed private drone pilots use small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) are used to search for individuals, color-based personal items, or capture terrain features to improve field team search tactics.

Technical Rescue Team

Provides low-angle rescue and stokes-basket extractions in difficult terrain.

Mountain/Urban Bike Team

The bike team deploys to assist in urban and non-urban environments to assist with a hasty search, cover more ground quickly or to achieve other mission objectives that may be necessary as assigned by Incident Command.

People Support Team (PST)

Members of PST are trained to act as the Family Liaison on missions to provide emotional and practical care and comfort to the families of the lost/missing. The PST team also enhance well-being and self-care of Red Rock Search and Rescue (RRSAR) volunteers.

K-9 Team

Experienced, Trained, and certified handlers and K9’s with trailing, tracking and human remains detection skills.